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arashi_wives's Journal

Arashi's Housewives Association
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All about Arashi's fangirls' randomness with hilarious stuffs!! *nose bleeding*
To spread as much laughter and randomness as possible.

1. Play nice. There are only 5 of Arashi and plenty of us so there will be sharing of husbands. Bitching/cat fights etc will not be tolerated.
2. You MUST spam! That's what this comm is about. Within the guidelines of course.
3. CRACK! The more, the better. Kids, this is the only place where you should come into contact with crack.
4. Use tags. But don't make them so wild that they can't be used. Keep the crack to your posts/comments.
5. Announcements concerning Arashi are allowed, but do it a creative way rather then just posting news.
6. Selling posts are allowed. Only for original/handmade goods however. So NO magazine cuts/original photos' re-prints/bootleg DVD's/secondhand goods etc. Lovely Wife bentous are also welcome~
7. Use lj-cuts. Remember that crack is a lifestyle choice. To click or not to click, that is the question...
8. You can offer members to get stuffs for them, if you have a chance to buy stuffs from JE shop or concerts, or wherever, BUT it MUST be in the REAL price, No price rising here!! ok? :)

The maintainers and members of this community are in no way affiliated with Arashi and Johnny's & Associates. Characters (with the exception of Arashi), names and situations are purely fictional.