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UPDATE: AHA's current activities [Sep. 30th, 2007|08:10 pm]
Arashi's Housewives Association

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Here I'll put the updates of our AHA community's activities, you can follow up your interested topics by following the tags .

Here's the list of our activities:

  • "What is your position in the AHA community?" - The Role Position Poll for the members.
  • "WANTED" - Annoucements from AHA regarding to look for AHA members' missing husbands. XD
  • "THE WEDDING" - you can post up your fan graphics like wedding pics/ or some annoucement like "I'm married NINOMIYA! LOL
  • "AHA Market" - Housewives' original/handmade goods regarding to Arashi. NO magazine cuts/bootleg DVD's/secondhand goods etc.
  • "AHA's Court" - I haven't put this up, but wait and see how it goes! (Bet you, this is extremely crazy!! LOL)
  • "AHA the Inspector"- Another crazy stuffs. *hints* where all the houswives turn into detectives, and keep spotting on our husband's habit&actions! (Like how you have heard about Mr Saku got itching so he scratched his b*ll! ROTFL) 
  • "AHA Claim" - You have so manything to complain and claim about your own husbands? Maybe we shoud  start this!
  • "AHA la Familie" - Spreading entry for each of the house: Ninomiya Family, Sakurai Family...blablabla.

And more of the hilarious and random stuffs are coming soon! I bet you will laugh to death in this community! LOL

HOWEVER, These activities can be seen only by the members or Friends only! 

MEMBERS!! START POSTING ENTRIES! You don't need to wait for me!!! AhhhhH!!! At least I wanna see more WANTED!!
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Handphone Straps [Sep. 30th, 2007|12:00 am]
Arashi's Housewives Association

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I went to the open market and I found my Senpai making and selling handphone straps, I was so interested in it and I asked her how could I make ones.

I asked her to make one with "ARASHI" on it. And it was so nice.

Once, I put this in VOX, there're quite some ppl interested in it and asked me to get some for them, with different words, but mainly arashi-related.

Unfortunately...I tried to contact my senpai for over 2 weeks, but she's been away....so I had to make them myself.

So I feel like it's so enjoyable making such handphone straps, and if any of you are interested in it, There're some with Arashi-related you can get, or you can ask me to put any other special words.

**Samples from the previous orders**

(with(*) or single crystal start aka start type1) 

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AHA member's position [Sep. 25th, 2007|02:56 am]
Arashi's Housewives Association

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So, What's your position in this AHA community?
Poll #1060515 What is your position in the AHA community?

What is your position in the AHA community?

Mrs. Aiba
Mrs. Matsumoto
Mrs. Ninomiya
Mrs. Ohno
Mrs. Sakurai
Manager&caretaker of ARASHI
A regular AHA member
Just want to see what's your role and position in this AHA community. You can chose the position you prefer.

Let's see how many Mrs. are there here! XD
Ps. Seriously! No one really comes over Mrs Ninomiya but me!? How delightful~~!! NOOO...TT___TT I'm not the one who owns my sweety anymore... But who cares...LOL
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Arashi's Housewives Association! [Sep. 15th, 2029|09:16 pm]
Arashi's Housewives Association



I'm thinking about doing something messy and crazy to my life....with fandom and randomness! So I started this community..

This is closed community for fangirls who're crazy enough to spread out our imagination only. We have nothing to do with the real person of ARASHI or anything.


And this will be between AHA members(Arashi Housewives Association)only! (Kinda like fanfic...but it's in more creative way! XD)

Thanks CK for starting up baring Arashi kiddies' topic...
and Thanks Thi and May for keep making the story more.....erm....HAHAHA You know what I mean! XD

So! Let's see how it works! Remember keeping your entry as forever for members only!

Just make it the place you can be as crazy as you are!

and we'll see if you really can stand our ultimate imagination!

PS. general discussions are welcome too! Spreading randomness is what I really want to see!

So Good luck! and HAVE FUN!


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